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Latest News : Event Inaugurated on 26 Feb 2015.

About Savishakar


India is a country, which produces highest number of graduates in science and technology. It is a known fact that the quality of our students is world class. Students from across India are a source of continuous innovations and fresh ideas. To give a platform to such inspirations, ABVP has been organizing various science and technology related events in various corners of the country sporadically such as DIPEX in Maharashtra, Srishti in Karnataka, Shrijan in Andhra Pradesh and Avishkar in Rajasthan.

Though the innovations and ideas were manifested at state and regional levels, over the years, a need for a national level umbrella organisation was observed. Thus the idea of Savishkar was thought about. As the name suggests, Savishkar is a platform for innovations unleashed. A place where the radiant young minds can swim in the sea of knowledge and win the accolade they deserve.


Savishkar is revolutionarily vast in its vision. It wants to become a melting pot of innovative ideas, activities and concepts from various fields and emerge as a Maha Kumbh Mela of science and technology. Savishkar intends to host all Indian states, all top universities, all top science and technology institutes, young entrepreneurs, and young achievers in one platform. The interaction and exchange for ideas in such vibrant congregation is bound to churn only the divine nectar.

Savishkar is planned to be a mother root for several science and technology related student activities across the country, round the year. Savishkar is also an annual mega event hosted, where students get to showcase their innovative ideas or projects. It would be facilitating various incubation centers for ideas with potential across India. It would also help the commercial adaptability of ideas from the students.


Prominent scientists, well-known academicians including Vice Chancellors of various universities, policy makers, administrators, trade organization representatives and industry visionaries would be participating in this mega event. Naturally Savishkar is going to be a place where ideas meet the people who can take them to next level, to the right places and thus benefit the student community, industry, society and nation.

Savishkar mission:

To re-invigorate the interests of youth in science, technology and engineering by providing a robust platform for their innovations and ideas by presenting the most fascinating and motivating science and technological celebration.


  • 1986: DIPEX started at Sangli, Maharashtra as an event for Diploma engineering student's
  • 1988: Launched "SHODH" a special event for recognition of innovative talent
  • 1990: Significant participation of Degree Engineering students
  • 1996: Formation of trust "SRIJAN"
  • 1997: Record participation at Pune with 322 projects and 1575 students. Special award announced for encouraging women participations
  • 2004: MSBTE announced special award to the outstanding model of DIPEX
  • 2013: Silver Jubilee event at Pune in association with College of Engg, Pune (COEP), University of Pune & MCCIA.