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Latest News : Event Inaugurated on 26 Feb 2015.


A. Innovative and non-conventional Energy Sources

  • A-1 Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Tidal Energy
  • A-2 Organic and renewable energy sources
  • A-3 Energy Audit

B. Revisiting contemporary/traditional Indian science and technology

  • B-1 Rural Technology
  • B-2 Indian Metallurgy and Production Techniques
  • B-3 Vastushastra and Indian Building Science

C. New trends in Mechanical Engineering

  • C-1 Automobile Engineering
  • C-2 Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
  • C-3 Production

D. Latest trends in Electricals, Electronics and Telecommunication

  • D-1 Electrical Engineering
  • D-2 Robotics
  • D-3 Electronics and Communication

E. Innovations in Computer Science and Information Technology

  • E-1 E-Governance Technologies
  • E-2 Open Source Technology
  • E-3 ICT in Education

F. Agriculture Science, Organic Farming and Food Processing

G. Environment Engineering

  • G-1 Waste Management
  • G-2 Pollution Control
  • G-3 Global Warming

H. Chemical and Plastic Engineering

 I. Civil and Architectural Engineering

J. Basic Sciences

  • J-1 Physical Sciences
  • J-2 Bio Sciences
  • J-3 Mathematics

K. Open Category:

  • Covering all other branches of Science and Technology which are not covered in the above themes